Emergency Lighting

Tower Lux from E.I.L. Systems in Italy is the real novelty in outdoors emergency lighting.

  • TOWER LUX provides an advanced solution for illuminating large open areas with or without mains power supply.
  • It consists of a large inflatable tube made of a special fabric.
  • When the tube is inflated with air, the light source is positioned at the top of it so as to floodlight a wide area.
  • The light source, consisting of a 420W or 1000W metal halide lamp is positioned at a working height of 5 m by the inflated fabric tube.
  • The tube is inflated by fans operated by the generator or by the 230V mains power supply.
  • TOWER LUX can be installed in less than 4 minutes to floodlight an area of up to 10,000 sq. m.
  • TOWER LUX is light, compact and easy to transport.
  • It fits neatly into the boot of an ordinary motor car and can be easily and quickly installed by a single person.
  • TOWER LUX RETE is a simplified version for use where a 230 V power supply is easily available, whether from the mains or produced by an independent generator set.
  • Two or more of Tower Lux Rete units can thus be connected to a single power source to illuminate very large areas.
  • TOWER LUX DUAL is the most versatile and complete model in the range. It includes a self contained generator equipped with a silent, compact engine which makes it ideal for any working conditions.
  • The versatility of the power generator is enhanced, in this version, by the fact that the entire system can also operate on the 230 V power supply from the mains.
  • A simple switch lets you select the power source for the Tower Lux Dual, changing from the 230V mains power supply to the generator power supply.

International Patent PCT 33/99 – E.I.L. Systems Italy