Line Trackers & Transfer Monitoring

GRIDSENSE SYSTEMS INC. designs, develops and distributes advanced monitoring systems to cost effectively improve the Power Quality and Reliability (PQR) of electric utility grids, world wide.

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IQ 35: Pole Mounted Fault Path Indicators

Sensing & Detection

  • Pole-mounted sensor
  • Time-stamped events

Wireless Communications

  • Low powered radio communications
  • Multiple communication options (3G/SAT/WiFi, etc.)
  • Built-in protocols allows for direct connection to SCADA system (DNP3)

Data Management & Analysis

  • View load, fault and outage data
  • Advanced algorithms for detecting and classifying events
  • Analytical and export tools



LiveLine High Voltage Inspection Camera (Code: LL01)

Using wireless technology, the Live Line camera safely streams real time high resolution video to a hand-held display allowing a non-intrusive close up inspection of the high voltage network from the ground.

With one-touch recording capabilities, the live images can be stored on a removable memory card at the touch of a button.

These images can then be reviewed for further examination, or attached as part of an asset or other report.